John Lewis ‘ruined Christmas’ with new advert

The stores ‘Christmas is coming’- advert may have lifted everyone’s spirits, however some twitter users noticed a problem.

You know Christmas is around the corner when that first John Lewis advert is shown.  The retailers annual adverts are known for getting people excited for the festivity.

This time Christmas lovers, particularly parents are not too impressed. They took their frustration to twitter to say the advert may have ‘ruined Christmas’.

Giving that most of us are adults, we know, that if you wake up one day with a trampoline in your back garden on Christmas day. Somebody put it there, probably your mum or dad.

‘Where is Father Christmas?’ Twitter users are asking. Following the latest John Lewis campaign #BusterTheBoxer; claiming it has actually ‘ruined Christmas’.

The £1 million promo has been a huge hit with viewers since it was released. It tells a story of Buster the boxer, who just cannot wait to jump on his owners Bridget’s brand new trampoline.

This was a Christmas gift from her parents who we can see the father building it the night before. After he completes building up the trampoline he leaves a huge bow on it in the garden.

The following morning Bridget wakes up to her present. Leaving some viewers asking ‘where Santa Claus’?

A user from Manchester wrote; @Johnlewis “lovely advert but how do I explain to my kids that dad built the trampoline and not Santa!!!”

Parents are now fuming because they feel John Lewis was telling young children that Santa Claus is not real.

Worried that their children may ask how come Santa did not deliver the trampoline as gift; parents have taken it to twitter to explain that Santa is in fact very real.

Another user added:” The @johnlewisretail ad is the cutest way to tell your kids that Santa is really your dad. Well done, guys. #JohnLewis”.

After receiving backlash from viewers, a spokeswoman for John Lewis told Mirror Celeb: “We’re sure Father Christmas has also visited Bridget and Buster the night before”.

She added; “this is just an extra special gift from her parents because she loves to bounce”.

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Photo Credit: John Lewis

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