Journalist blasts Bowie’s mourners

As the majority of the world united over social media to mourn the death of David Bowie on Monday, The Times journalist Camilla Long wasn’t feeling quite so affectionate.

The 37-year-old, who previously caused controversy by saying that she was ‘weeping’ when Michael Jackson died, took to Twitter to condemn fans’ reactions to the news of Bowie’s death. To her 53,000 followers, she wrote “After several lengthy trips to the vomitorium today, I am now rather dreading what will happen on social media when Paul McCartney dies.

Rather than partaking in sending a message of goodwill towards the music icon, Camilla satirised what she describes as ‘Insincere social media grief’, going as far as telling fans to ‘man up’. The journalist also went on to state “So many people ‘crying’ or ‘in bits’ over Bowie. F**K YOU. You are not ten- you are an adult. Man the f**k up and say something interesting. THIS is nothing to do with Bowie”.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before Twitter users responded to Long’s outlandish comments, one person wrote “In sorrow people cling to cliché, but that doesn’t make their feelings any less genuine. Give them a break” whilst another simply remarked “

On Monday evening grieving fans partied long in to the night in South London, to celebrate the star’s life. In Bowie’s birthplace of Brixton the streets were lit up with an atmosphere comparable to that of a festival, as thousands gathered to celebrate the life and legacy of its most favourite son.

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