#JourneysFest at Manchester Museum

The #JourneysFest – a new festival that celebrates the artistic talent and incredible stories of refugee artists, held their takeover at the Manchester Museum early October.

Through the involvement of University researchers, the Rethink Rebuild Society and the Syrian community within the city, the Journeys Festival International aimed to give a voice and platform to the Syrian refugees at such a challenging time.

Researchers from The University of Manchester have been working with Syrians in the UK and in refugee camps surrounding Syria, since the outbreak of its civil war.

In an effort to create a positive interface with the community through great art and culture, various rooms of the Museum as well as The University of Manchester hosted a variety of activities.  The International Kite Project and the Conversation Corner were just two of many.

The event also saw Pop Up Theatre performances from The Royal Exchange and Community Arts Northwest (CAN). Performances of both music and the spoken word were heard from Sarah Yaseen and Hafsah Aneela Bashir.

Professor Rachel Calam, who leads the Syrian refugee projects at The University of Manchester said: “Creative expression is an important way for people to explore and come to terms with the terrible experiences they have suffered.

“It is also a way to celebrate the culture and artistic styles of their own country, even though they’ve been forced to leave it”.

TNT Arts & Culture

 Photo Credit: David Dixon

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