JP Cooper: ‘I was raised by an angel’

Brought up in Manchester by his father, JP Cooper has a voice of an angel and his mum is to thank for that, he says.

Tipped as the next big thing, he believes his ‘gift’ for music comes from his late mother.

The singer a.k.a John Paul, spoke about losing his mum when he was only 11 months old, in an interview to entertainment writer Andrei Harmsworth.

‘I was raised to believe she was still there — not in the house in human form but that she was working in my life,’ said JP.

‘I was raised to speak to her. She was an angel to me, so I was raised by a broken-hearted man and an angel.’

The 33-year-old father-of-one, thus feels his talent for song-writing is by no means coincidental.

His smash-hit September Song has clocked up more than 200million streams

JP said: ‘I learnt to believe in things I couldn’t see and couldn’t touch.

‘Music is something you can’t see or touch but you can feel. I felt like it was a parting gift from her. I don’t know why. Nobody in my family has ever done music – why have I got this?’

He already has one superfan in the form of Stormzy. The pair recently released their collaborative track Momma’s Prayers.

JP reckons the single shows a ‘softer side’ of Britain’s leading grime star.

‘It’s a very sweet song about a mother’s love, he’s saying thank-you to his mum for keeping an eye on him,’ he explained.

‘He believes there is a reason why he kept himself out of certain situations’ JP said of Stormzy. ‘He found himself in certain situations because of his mum’s prayers.’

JP’s debut album Raised Under Grey Skies is out on 6 October. His series of LIFT videos are available on

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