Julie Gordon at Pen:Chant

Situated on the lively strip of Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter (NQ), Gullivers bar hosted the recent Pen:Chant event on 14 July – on a night which former Happy Monday’s vocalist, Julie Gordon, delivered a fantastic performance.

Following a recent chat to TNT, Julie had a 30-minute set which was part of the 3-hour long event. Pen:Chant are an organisation that host events around the country, showcasing comedy, music and poetry acts, to name a few. So the NQ seems conducive to the organisation’s aura and vibe.

The Mancunian vocalist had never performed at this venue and gushed with excitement when she told TNT of her anticipation ahead of the event. Amidst an array of other performing artists, Julie took to the stage, after a couple of other acts warmed the mic – as if to ease her nerves of singing at the unfamiliar venue.

Effectively and justly serving to Julie’s set, a succession of short spoken word performances set the mood for a relaxed evening. First up was a comedy sketch duo, ‘Norris & Parker’, who had the audience in stitches throughout.

Up next was poet Harry Baker, who added to the comic ambience already set, whilst also tugging at their heart strings in the more serious sections of his act.

A riotous applause welcomed Julie as she grabbed the mic before saying, “There’s a lot of frustration that I need to get off my chest so I will do that and hope that you enjoy every minute of it”.

Gullivers is an intimate venue, which added gravity to the jazzy acoustics. Julie’s flawless vocals – complete with two guitarists, a drummer, a keyboard player and two backing singers – made for an absolute treat for the ears.

In her solo performance, Julie emphatically wowed the audience with smooth notes and near-perfect notes that seemed to echo throughout the room. This reiterated her emphasis on the artists’ voice being more powerful than the music, expressed in her previous interview with TNT.

It wasn’t just the sound of her voice however, that made her time on stage such an enjoyable spectacle. Julie delivered an energetic, charismatic performance and was a spirited presence on stage.

The 30-minutes proved too-short for the audience, who bellowed their disappointment as Julie announced of her final song of the evening.

During the final song, ‘Superstar’, one lady sprung to her feet to dancing and moving affectedly along to Julie’s serenading and infectious rhythm.

TNT Entertainment Natasha Dunn

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