Junior football tournament brings community together

On Sunday 31 July, charity ‘Youth on Solid Ground’ (YSG), hosted their annual 6-a-side junior football tournament, in Whalley Range.

The junior event was YSG’s second annual tournament of the summer, with their youth competition for 13-19 year olds taking place on 28 May.

15 teams entered, comprised of a maximum of 8 children aged 6-11.

The tournament was well organised, running smoothly throughout the day, with all of the boys getting a lot of game time. It was mainly sunshine all afternoon, but the games taking place on outdoor 5G pitches meant that the show could go on whatever the weather.

Despite the event being open to both genders, no girls put themselves forward this year.

Last year, an all-girls team fought their way to the final of the competition, but perhaps more girls would be encouraged to get involved if there was a separate female tournament.

YSG staff member Adnan Riaz spoke to TNT about the importance of running events like this one. He said: “Today kids from different races and different platforms have come together to do the same thing, to play football. Football, as well as other sports, it brings people together”.

Getting involved in sport could have an array of benefits for the young boys, including improved health and the opportunity to meet new friends. It’s also a different way to spend a day of their summer holiday, which could otherwise be spent bored at home or out on the streets.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by kids, parents/guardians and staff alike. The success of the tournament is a reflection of the truly great work that YSG consistently do for the young people of the community of Manchester.

TNT Sport Natasha Dunn

Photo credit: Natasha Dunn

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