Jury dismissed in nurse on trial for poisoning patients


On the fifth day of the trial of a nurse accused of harming 21 patients at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, the jury has been discharged.

After a rigorous jury selection process that took two days to whittle down 80 jurors to the select twelve, they have all been dismissed in a dramatic change of events.

After hearing one of the jury members had suffered recent family problems, His Honour Mr Justice Openshaw decided he did not want to continue with just eleven jurors so early on in the trial and so decided to discharge the entire panel on Friday.

Victorino Chua, 49, is alleged to have murdered three patients at Stepping Hill Hospital. The nurse has pleaded not guilty to all 36 charges against him which include; 24 counts of grievous bodily harm with intent, eight counts of attempting to administer poison and one count of administering poison.

Nurse Chua is accused of poisoning patients with insulin and deliberately making changes to the dosage charts of these patients.

The offences are said to have taken place between June 2011 and January 2012.

A new jury will be chosen on Monday 26 January and the trial will start afresh at Manchester Crown Court.

TNT News Melissa McFarlane

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