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Kaash “if only”

Akram Khan teamed up with the celebrated talents of Anish Kapoor and Nitin Sawhney to present his company’s first full-length evening work twelve years ago.

“Hindu Gods, black holes, Indian time cycles, tablas, creation and destruction” were the starting points for this work in 2002. Danced by a strong international cast of performers, Kaash (Hindi word for “if only”) continued Akram Khan’s quest to build bridges between the worlds of contemporary dance and the Indian classical dance form Kathak.

“As our first full-length company piece back in 2002, where I had the great opportunity to collaborate with Anish Kapoor and Nitin Sawhney, Kaash holds a very special place in our journey and in our hearts, and I am excited that it is now our first ever revival.

Our new five-strong cast of international performers will shed another light and energy on the piece, focused on physicality and precision, that I believe still has all its relevance today.” Akram Khan

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