Kandace springs into Manchester

Kandace Springs to dazzle at The Lowry

For those who thought #Blues was a genre much focused on by the generation of the past, think again.

Kandace Springs is the girl to watch, as her acoustic-jazz style has proven she has that old-school vibe that takes a while to mature. Whilst she counts artists such as #BillieHoliday and Nina Simone as her heroes, #Kandace manages to draw inspiration from them, whilst remaining original in her delivery.

The 27-year-old #Nashville #singer-pianist has been making some welcome noise since 2014 as an artist painstakingly melding soul and R&B.

“The #artists who have inspired me the most all sang so naturally,” Springs says. “That helped me find my own sound”.

Her debut, Soul Eyes, transmutes all that has seeped into her from her influences, into an effortless personalised #sound.

Reportedly, amongst her fans is the late #Prince, so it is no wonder many think it would be mad to miss her live performances. Kandace is heading to #Manchester on 28 April at #TheLowry.

If you are in the mood for dinner-jazzy quality #music that has a uniquely delicate #jazz-ballad style, be sure to watch her perform live in our city this #April.

To book your tickets, visit www.thelowry.com

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Photo Credit: KandaceSpringsVEVO

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