Kane ‘The Danger’ Mousah victorious at Bellator Birmingham


MMA’s Bellator Birmingham took place at Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, England on 4 May. The tournament had about 18 fights in which one of them included Manchester’s very own Kane ‘The Danger’ Mousah.

Mousah faced Poland’s Mateusz Piskorz, where he came in with 11 fights and only 2 defeats.

With blue gloves, black trunks, Piskorz came in with 14 fights and 4 losses. In red gloves, black trunks, Mousah was hoping to increase his win streak against a man with a 3” reach advantage at 72”. Pikorz is also 7 years younger at 26. He fights out of Dublin, Ireland. Mousah fights out of Manchester.

After some early scuffling by the cage, Mousah got the better of the first round with underhooks, throwing knees at Piskorz legs. From then on until the bell, Mousah threw more body shots and knees to Piskorz’s midsection

In the second round, Piskorz tried to use his height and reach and threw a brutal knee to the body, but Mousah grabbed him and looks for a knee of his own. Although the pair exchanged a fair amount of blows and kicks, Piskorz briefly had Mousah down with a kick. However, Mousah promptly got back up and dropped his opponent with some hard rights and shots to the body

The round goes to Mousah after he chases his opponent and catches him with kicks and a takedown.

In the third round, Piskorz resists Mousah’s attacks however the Mancunian lands heavy blows as Piskorz backs away. Piskorz then went for the back, throwing elbows to the head but Mousah sweeps and is on top with half the round left. As Piskorz has a cut around his right eye, Mousah targeted that spot with many right hands landing on the Polish.

The judges score the fight 30-27 X3 unanimously for Kane Mousah.

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Photo Credit: kanem14


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