Kanye West’s new Yeezy sliders mocked on Twitter

Every time there’s a new release from Kanye West’s line of Yeezy shoes, Twitter is in uproar with fans wrangling to get their hands on a pair.

People love his shoes, but it looks like the creative powerhouse might find his next drop a little harder to peddle.

Recently, West has posted sneak peeks on Twitter with sketches of unreleased shoes and fabric swatches. He also released a series of images of the clothing line’s latest controversial release: Yeezy Slides.

Hot on the heels of the ugly shoe trend which calls for chunky, vaguely orthopaedic-looking kicks, the blue rubber slides are finished with zig-zag cleated soles.

However, despite previous Yeezy shoe collections really taking off with consumers, not everyone’s convinced by the new release.

In fact, Twitter users have been comparing them to everything from Crocs to blue gummy shark sweets and even kitchen sponges.

“It takes a lot to out-ugly Crocs but I think you have pulled it off!” one person wrote.

Another added: “This is really county jail clothes and I am astounded that folks will purchase”

Others also likened the divisive blue shoe to cupcake liners, lego bricks and doorstops, while some criticised the designer saying they could buy the exact same look from US discount store Walmart.

And it seems they’re not alone in their dislike towards clunky looking sandals.

Last week, model and TV host Chrissy Teigen shared her disdain on Twitter when one follower asked if husband John Legend wore sandals.

Teigen replied saying: “Sure, on the beach, and despite loving him more than I knew I was capable of loving someone, I still want to die.”

Despite the Tweet being meant in jest, it quickly came into question after a flood of followers took her joke literally and asked the social media site to check on her.

“We’re writing to you because a concerned individual has recently alerted us to potentially suicidal or self-harming comments posted on your account,” the message read.

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