Kat Gilchrist in ‘Heaven’ after BBC spotlight

It comes as no surprise that Manchester is famed for its music amongst numerous other elements, as more home-grown talent continues to brighten the music charts with that Mancunian spirit. Old Trafford’s 24-year-old Katherine [Kat] Gilchrist, is one of yet another of our city’s gems to emerge onto the RnB/Neo-Soul scene.

In an exclusive interview to TNT, following the release of her official debut EP ‘Milk & Cookies’, Kat cited “I’m just trying to make some sweet RnB/Neo-Soul vibes. You cannot beat that old style, that’s what I’m trying to make”.

Having always been immersed in music since childhood, the unsigned singer-songwriter has seen her musical journey flourish from the very tracks she despised as a teenager. “When you’re a kid and your parents play music, you’re like ‘Oh that’s so rubbish, I just want to listen to The Spice Girls’ but now I’m older I’m like ‘What my mum used to listen to was amazing”, she told TNT.

Drawing inspiration from her mother’s Shelley Bassey CDs, then from Amy Winehouse during high school, to then completing a music degree at Salford University, Kat added: “Noone ever really encouraged me to sing, it was what I wanted to do. I have done it all off my own back”.

Now managed by her 25-year-old sister Rachel, the Milk & Cookies singer has enjoyed some hard-earned success, with her single ‘Heaven’ being the chosen track for BBC Music Introducing for a week in May. Heaven, a track she calls ‘my baby’, is part of the love-song-themed album which was released back at Easter this year.

Kat did a live session for BBC Manchester broadcast on 4 June. “It’s mental because I’m not big on the Manchester scene, so it felt really good for the BBC to say ‘hey we really like this song’. I got an email that everyone at the BBC loved your song [Heaven]”, she said.

On her process, Kat explained, “I write stories that have not necessarily happened to me. I’ll get the beat first, then a catchy melody, then I’ll think of what words will fit in that melody, then I rhyme those words”.

Still working at The Hillary Step bar in Whalley Range, Kat is enthralled by the community spirit at the heart of both Old Trafford and Whalley Range. “Everyone knows everyone, everyone is friends – it’s like a massive family. That’s so great. I love that, I love South Manchester”.

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Photo Credit:  Kat Gilchrist

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