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Kendrick Lamar :‘The Blacker the Berry’

‘I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015’,

Kendrick Lamar, The Blacker the Berry 2015.

The hairs on your arms will be standing up fervently after listening to the latest controversial track from the lyrical mastermind Kendrick Lamar.

The man known as this generations ‘Saviour to hip-hop’ slams his latest prodigy ‘The Blacker The Berry’  in the faces of critics and demands for the black community to wake up and pay attention.

The track which has left some fans open mouthed and confused delivers an angry rage from the rap star, who spits openly about gang related gun crime and police violence.

With lyrics such as ‘You hate my people, your plan is to terminate my culture’. It is evident if not undisputable, that this Compton raised 27 year old is sending out a public and personal statement, ignited by his own struggle and infused by recent politics.

The killing of Trayvon Martin 3 years ago prompted Lamar to speak out to the black community. In a recent interview with Billboard he states, ‘if we don’t have respect for ourselves, don’t expect them to respect us’. The comment, which erupted criticism from fans and celebrities didn’t silence the artist, as he now claims to be ‘the biggest hypocrite of 2015’.  In this track he draws attention once again to the police brutality Inflicted on Trayvon Martin, whilst highlighting the issue of black on black crime as a corresponding problem.

Fans of Wallace Thurmans 1920’s novel will be familiar with the track title which has also been referenced in Tupac’s 1993 hit, ‘Keep ya head up’. The social and cultural consciousness is again recognised by Kendrick who draws attention to the legacy of Marcus Garvey and the relevance of the Black Panthers.

However for the Grammy award-winning rap star formally known as, there will undoubtedly be a divide in the public’s views of this racially charged track. For many the ‘Blacker the Berry’ will be a vocal indignation that leaves a personal message with black communities across the globe.

TNT News Leanna Smith

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