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Kenya Moore leaves Housewives of Atlanta


“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore is rumoured to have left the reality series.

Rumours about Moore’s alleged exit surfacing a while ago. It was back when she was unable to make it to the trip to Barcelona, Spain with the season 10 cast.

Apparently, the problem started when the housewives tried to convince producers to take Kim Zolciak to Barcelona instead of Moore. Whether they tried or not, Zolciak made it pretty clear that she did not make it to the trip.

On Instagram she posted a note that said, “was packing to leave the country then had a choice and I decided I’ll be headed out for #DontBeTardy press instead!” She added, “Season 6 premieres October 6th 8pm on @bravotv #WhenYourOWNShowCalls”.

Despite Zolciak forgoing the trip, Moore did not join the rest of the housewives. The latest member Eva Marcille ended up with the spot. Marcille travelled to Europe along with Nene Leakes and the rest.

When asked by US Weekly, a production source said that Moore has not quit “The Real Housewives” nor has she been given the boot.

Limit Moore’s appearances for ‘Moore of Daly’

As of now, it remains unclear why Moore decided to stay in the country. Perhaps she was offended by her co-stars’ insistence to take Zolciak on the tour.

Apart from that Moore’s marriage is reportedly an issue with producers. They want more air time for her husband Marc Daly. Since they tied the knot in June, Daly has been insistent on staying away from the spotlight.

“Kenya was pulled from the cast trip last-minute and Bravo may be playing a bit of hardball to get Kenya’s new husband on the show by limiting her on-air appearances,” a source told US Weekly.

A new season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs Sunday, 5 November at 8 pm ET on Bravo.

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