Being kept up at night may be very damaging

New research conducted by The Children’s Sleep Charity has revealed that sleep deprivation impacts on the physical, emotional and mental well being of both the parent and child.

The survey found that a lot of new parents were less tolerant of each other due to lack of sleep.

Vicki Dawson, CEO and founder of the charity said “The importance of sleep is often missed when it comes to well being and yet it is absolutely vital for the whole family”.

Out of the 7,535 parents surveyed, more than 35% described themselves as regularly being “exhausted”; also, over 59% admitted they lied about how well they cope with sleep deprivation.

Parents who took part in the survey confessed their most bizarre things they have done from lack of sleep.

Things like leaving the house with their pyjamas on, falling asleep in the toilet- some may find humorous.

One parent even drove on the wrong side of the road whilst another talked about hallucinating due to lack of sleep.

As young children we were encouraged to take regular naps as sleep is important. Should parents do the same for their health and sanity?

TNT Health

Photo Credit: Donnie Ray Jones

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