Khloe K slammed for Fidel Castro picture


The Kardashian Klan has descended on Cuba and it hasn’t taken long for Khloe to mindlessly revisit hostile relations between the US and Cuba, dating back to more than 50 years ago.

The reality star was scrutinised with a tirade of backlash on Wednesday after she posed for a photo beneath a wall that was inscribed with former dictator Fidel Castro’s name, before posting it on social media.

Within seconds of the picture reaching social media, there was an influx of angry comments from frustrated followers. One aggrieved user reacted by remarking, “The name you’re standing under is the reason why a lot of my family in Cuba is living in poverty, por favor edúcate”.

Another user named Marisa Bayless stated “This man has committed mass amounts of human rights abuses, but hey, why not let’s take a picture”.

The 31-year-old received an onslaught of criticism for her insensitivity and lack of social awareness on Instagram, one person wrote, “I used to like you. Now you’re just another #kardashian. That’s not a compliment”.

Another Instagram user posted “So messed up & disrespectful to take a pic with that background! You can tell they know nothing about history and care less about people”.

Khloe hasn’t responded to the backlash yet and has continued to update followers about her trip to Cuba. The country has only recently re-opened to American trade and tourism, after an embargo that lasted almost 50 years.

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Photo Credit: Entertainment Tonight 

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