Knife found at O.J. Simpson’s former estate

A knife that was discovered in the garden of OJ Simpson’s former estate has been given DNA testing.

The test results indicated that no information or DNA evidence could be derived from the handle or blade of the knife, as soil in the ground where the knife was originally found depleted any trace of human contact. No other leads could be developed from the knife, including any possible hair samples.

The Los Angeles Police Department opened an investigation into the newly discovered knife after a construction worker, who was working near Simpson’s estate, handed a retired officer the offensive weapon.

The officer originally planned on keeping the weapon after his retirement from the force but he kept it within his possession from for over a dozen years, from 1998.

Although the tests may have been inconclusive in finding any DNA samples, the knife is the first discovery of possible new evidence in the O.J. Simpson trial since the case ended in 1995. The emergence comes as the critically acclaimed ‘The people v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story’ is airing.

TNT News 


Photo credit: Charles LeBlanc

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