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Labour hails Corbyn’s first PMQs

Today was the first Prime Minister’s questions (#PMQs) in which the new leader of Labour Jeremy Corbyn went head to head with David Cameron.

In a refreshing and much less theatrical manner, #PMQs was more civilised, calmer and addressed questions from members of the public. Mr Corbyn is the main reason why this happened and viewers took to Twitter to mention how “Corb [Corbyn] had Cam [Cameron] in his pocket”, as one user wrote.

Mr Corbyn asked David Cameron the public’s questions, not his, and by doing so in calm and collected manner, the Prime Minister’s demeanour changed to mirror that too. However only for 19 minutes as Mr Cameron lost his cool with SNP MP Angus Robertson who said the PM had not been delivered in his vow to Scotland.

Nevertheless, in a time when all eyes were on Mr Corbyn – and not many of them friendly – today’s PMQs have resulted in Labour MPs hailing today as the best performance yet from their leader. The key question is, will this new style of questioning last?

Former spin doctor Damian McBride said that Mr Corbyn has “stabilised the ship” and has given his party’s MPs more confidence in his abilities.

Whilst Mr Corbyn’s set of sharp questions focused on the day-to-day lives of ordinary people were directed at the PM, David Cameron couldn’t address the questions; he was forced to refer the “economy”, on numerous occasions.

There is no doubt that Mr Corbyn cannot keep to the same format of questioning lest it becomes formulaic, however it is refreshing to see and has injected confidence to those who were previously on the fence.

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