Lady Gaga to launch wine brand ‘Grigio Girls’

Pop sensation Lady Gaga is reportedly set to launch her own brand of wine named ‘Grigio Girls’.

Gaga’s company has reportedly signed paperwork which puts in motion plans to launch the wine brand. The ‘Grigio Girls’ company will produce wine, wine coolers, wine cocktails and wine punches.

Grigio Girls is similarly the name of the bonus track on Joanne, Gaga’s 2016 album. The track is reportedly inspired by Gaga’s friend, Sonja, who suffers from cancer.

The lyrics of the song capture the relationship shared between Sonja and her friends. Gaga sings about how she and her and friends would gather and reminisce about happier times over a bottle of wine.

The launch of the wine brand will pay tribute to Sonja and their cherished friendship. Reports speculate that, Pinot Grigio will be the most ‘fitting’‘flagship product’.

Gaga is familiar with the food and drink industry as her parents own an Italian restaurant in New York. The New York City restaurant is called, Joanne Trattoria.

The ‘Poker Face’ singer has also displayed her love for wine through her outfit choice. Back in 2011, Gaga dressed as a wine cork and grapes on US comedy show, Saturday Night Live.

The news of the wine launch comes after Gaga gave a ‘fiery’ and political performance at the 2017 Superbowl. The performance ‘catapulted’ her fame to new heights. Gaga was the second most watched act in the game’s history.

The response showed that fans wanted more of Gaga. Hours later Gaga announced her world ‘Joanne’ tour. Gaga fans will now get more of Gaga but not just through the music. News of the wine launch has gone down well with fans.


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Photo Credit: LadyGagaVEVO

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