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Laff ‘til Ya Fart







A night to remember: Laff ‘til Ya Fart

Trevor Dwyer- Lynch has one of those faces that you’re sure you’ve seen somewhere before.

This far from forgettable entertainer is a man of many talents. Having been an actor for the last 25 years, a coach at Manchester United FC for 17 and now a teaching assistant at a local high school, the Moss Side born and Salford bred humble father is now concentrating on his hit comedy night ‘Laff ‘til Ya Fart’, at Manchester’s Comedy Store. Trevor dropped in to The Nubian Times’ office to tell us more.

Where did the title for your comedy night come from?

As many people from the West Indies know, it’s a common cliché often said when people laugh out loud and my Aunt Dorothy always used to say it to me when we were having a joke and it made me laugh even more, so I wanted a title that everyone could relate to and when they read the flyer it makes them laugh straight away!


Why a black comedy night?

I tried it a few years ago for Black History Month with my friend and comedy genius Justin Moorhouse and it was a great success but because of acting commitments I was unable to continue the concept. When the acting work went quiet I decided to sell the idea to The Comedy Store in Manchester and Paul Home, the manager, has been fully supportive ever since.  On the first show I didn’t expect more than 40 or 50 people but we ended up with around 100 and it’s been that way ever since which is truly amazing. We’re now at our first birthday and are Manchester’s first resident Black Comedians Night with huge thanks to our great audience who come out on a Monday every two months to support us.


How do you prepare for a show?

Preparation is key. As it’s still a relatively new concept on the Manchester comedy scene, it’s important that we utilise the resources at our disposal, i.e. all the usual social media, local radio, networking and getting off my backside and sticking posters in shops! Giving out flyers at various events, making people aware of what I’m doing, word of mouth!


What/who we can expect to see?

The audience can expect a great night of comedy with pure laughs from four great comedians.  On the special first birthday night, the audience themselves voted via Facebook, Twitter and text which comedians would appear on stage. Plus a money raffle prize and various giveaways. Oh, and great food!!


For just £5 you get to see some great comedians both from the UK and abroad who have appeared not only on stage but on also TV. The likes of Tony Hendriks, Slim, Annette Fagon, and Vince Atta have all performed and there is plenty more to come.


Laff ‘til Ya Fart is on the last Monday of every other month, the next show is 22nd December.


TNT Entertainment Siobhan White


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