Leaders In The Revolution: Woman and Youth Conference

From Friday 21 October to Sunday 23 October 2016 , there will be a 3 day Pan African international conference in Manchester, following on from last year’s successful event.

PAC45 will be presenting their annual conference ‘Leaders In The Revolution: Woman and Youth Conference – A 21st Century Pan African Vision’.

This three day conference seeks to initiate, influence and develop and subsequently determine and manage the much needed dialogue about a Pan African movement fit for the 21st century.

This year’s conference seeks to explore challenges faced by Africans on the continent and diaspora, with economic crisis, globalisation and white supremacy. All this will be in relation to ensuring Pan-Africans’ access to political, social and economic justice, and in defence of their history, cultural and spiritual psychological wellbeing.

The conference will also speak to the disproportionate levels of black women and young people, to those killed or injured, both in the UK and the US. It will be taking into consideration how the Black Lives Matter movements are transforming the struggle against domestic and international racism and neo colonialism.

Newly appointed Chair of the PAC45, Naa Acquah said “I am deeply honoured as Chair of PAC45 to announce the Women and Youth in the Revolution conference! It will excite, be thought-provoking and bring change into the community as we empower women and youth to the centre of the conversation”.

On Wednesday 6 April 2016, PAC45 will be holding a youth consultation offering opportunities for young people to feed into and get involved with the planning and delivery of this year’s conference.

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Photo Credit: PAC45

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