Lemn Sissay moved by Dr Okolete Brown at Chuck Gallery – Watch

Earlier this month, Chuck Gallery teamed up with the Youth Charter in honouring Manchester poet Lemn Sissay.

The occasion marked the opening of The Lemn Sissay Room. It also gave a first glimpse of the Youth Charter’s Faces in The Crowd Exhibition. Thus, it highlighted both the local gallery and Youth Charter’s future projects.

It also honoured the appointment of inspiring poet Lemn Sissay as vice president of the Youth CharterFounder and Executive Chair of Youth Charter, Geoff Thompson welcomed young people from St Mary’s Primary School in Moss Side. Thompson also invited young people from Salford-based Hercules Productions and Greater Manchester’s Young Identity.

Sissay, also the Chancellor of the University of Manchester, attended the event.  The evening included some moving recitations from local schoolchildren and Bolton-based Dr Okolete, May-Blossom Brown, PhD.

The self-proclaimed ‘city hermit’ Dr Brown, is an ordained minister from Barbara Kings School of Ministerial Studies in Atlanta.

Juxtaposed against the Sissay’s journey, Dr Brown recited a passage of work she said was inspired by the poet’s work.

A Reiki master, she teaches healing as an integrated process which aligns the body and mind with spirit, thereby wholesomeness.

Dr Brown is Manchester’s very own traditionalist when it comes to healing. With a firm belief in African healing, she “works one-on-one with people”, Dr Brown says. This enables them “to access latent inner potentials as a tool for peace joy and self-actualisation”.

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