Letter from the Editor in Chief – April 2017 – Hatred for #Brexit #May #Muslims or #Trump

Hi all, and welcome to my monthly sound off,

At the time of writing this letter, all mainstream media was filled with news of terrorism, hatred for all Muslims period, Brexit, May and Trump.

TNT News sends its condolences to the families and loved ones of all who have lost their lives to senseless acts of terror, crime and hatred at the hands of sole individuals or organisations. Regardless, a life is a life; we all suffer with the ones left behind. We all bleed and unity in our global community is the only way forward.

Whilst our departure from the EU is now underway since May signed Article 50, there is no doubt that the unsavoury taste that Brexit leaves will linger amongst many, long after the divorce is finalised. Let’s ponder over a few queries. How many of you that ostracised, ‘unfriended or unfollowed’ friends and family after Brexit have made a U-turn? And then deleted and ostracised them yet again for the final time when you found out they were Trump supporters too?

As for Trump, he has suffered yet another defeat, even when his party dominates the house. ‘Obamacare’, as a point of reference for the barriers Trump faces, will stay for the foreseeable future. Your legacy, Mr Barack Obama, will stay intact and hopefully millions of Americans can have affordable healthcare, whilst May seems oblivious to the crisis our NHS is under, both now and in the future.

Reporters claim that we are more divided as a nation and globally than ever before, even more so than during the world wars. How incredibly shocking is that? Considering the advancements in education and rise globalisation.

We need to avoid our political beliefs nor objectives get in the way of sharing, working and living cohesively with our fellow man. Regardless of his ethnicity, gender or cultural origin, we must strive to do better – just some food for thought!

Now that spring is officially here and International Women’s day and Mother’s Day have come and gone, the only days that officially celebrate women have come to an end – boo!

Let’s move swiftly on to our Easter celebrations. Firstly, we should acknowledge all spiritual festivals and appreciate what things are given to us all by a higher being, however let’s celebrate the gift of family, friends and especially children now. Eat, drink, be merry; have wine or some fish and chocolate, not all together though, as that just is another level of gross!

When you delve deep into the covers of this month’s edition, both Manchester and Trafford, keep your eyes peeled for the following treats

Astronaut visits Manchester school – Page 7

A food review of ‘Leaf’ restaurant and café on Portland street – Page 8

Stormzy’s rant to NME – Page 11

Remember we have a duty to report on all news; to inform, uplift and inspire our readers as well as our radio listeners on our Wednesday morning drive time show. However, all news unfortunately isn’t always good news. Hence our tagline – ‘Bad News Sells Good News Inspires’ and we always ensure to make it our business to bring you inspirational news.

So, same time, same place next month, where I’ll share some more. Don’t forget to check online daily for all your diverse news – www.thenubiantimes.com


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