Letter from the Editor in Chief – August 2017 – Racist rant!

Hello and welcome,

Lets hope the kids aren’t driving you mad at the minutes. Lets also hope you have a little change in your pocket for a cheeky drink this weekend!

Lets get straight down to business this month.

Whilst on TNT Breakfast Club this week, Boss Lady brought to my attention Conor McGregor racist rants to Floyd Mayweather. I was shocked to say the least. Ms Pelts had just left a conversation were she had stated she thought McGregor was okay.

Lets just recap for you guys:

First Conor said on the opening stages of the North America and Europe tour. And I quote – “Dance for me, Boy”! This clearly had racist over tones and is a racist comment in my opinion! Again mainstream media overlooked it!

Oops: Again in New York, “I’m Half black from the belly button down”. Before insinuating black people were ” Dancing monkey’s” when discussing the film Rocky III on a chat show. – Racist comment! and yes you guest it, overlooked by mainstream media!

It’s all totally uncalled for, lets concentrate on the sport and show true sportsmanship. Is it really too much to ask?
Mayweather on the other hand, got the back ripped out of him by mainstream media. This was in regards to calling McGregor a “Faggott”. I believe that was more to do with his attire with pink leggings and a white patterned fur coat. Rather than his sexual preference – Really Conor? That was definitely a bad fashion choice, you really need to sack your stylist.

Swiftly moving along

Last month edition, we dealt with – Camera’s for child safety, Manchester Parade, Love Island. As well as Dave Chapelle donating thousands to Flint water crisis. Venus William’s cleared of wrong doing in fatal car crash. To GrenFell Tower charity single. And of course the stunning wedding nuptials of Anthony and Dorretta.

This month we have a whole lot more. From 200 new jobs at Media City – Manchester. New female ‘Doctor Who’, Manchester Friends of the Earth air pollution investigation.  Teacher joins army reserves in Kenya, taste of Mexico in Manchester to Jay Z VS Kanye, Pride and London carnival. Not forgetting he 2017 London Olympics and we bid a fond farewell to Usain Bolt and a hearty cheer for all winners and competitors who represented.

Yes guys lets not forget, the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester (CCOM). Affectionately known as “Moss Side Carnival”. See you guys in the park and outside on Claremount road for the liveliest party on earth. Till dawn on the streets of the affectionately known “Moss”. I will be there with Ms Pelts, Boss Lady and Wray and his Nephew – (If you know, then you know).

I’m feeling hot, hot, hot. Until next month, be cool.

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