Letter from the Editor-in-Chief – December 2016 – Annus horribilis

As the queen said in 1992, I have had an annus horribilis, which means a horrible year in latin. It’s true for most people in Britain today.

It was the year of severe austerity measures.  Inflicted by the government on the most vulnerable during this harsh economic climate. Britain opted out of the European Union. Which in turn sent the financial markets in to utter turmoil and uncertainty. It’s the year when the gap between the rich and the working class grew at an alarming rate.

Trump was elected to the highest and one of the most powerful jobs in the world. We are now seeing the end of the Obamas and the legacy of tolerance and unity – including the ‘Obama Care’.

The struggle is real people. Many are asking does the Bible speak some truth in book of Revelations about the end of days – “apocalypse”.

Unfortunately, you cannot help but wonder and secretly know deep down in your heart.  Trump does not stand for unity in all communities. Especially if you’re an immigrant or have any melanin to your skin. Let’s hope he proves many of us wrong! I doubt it but let’s see. I can only see destruction, debt, protests and increased deaths of people of colour. His rhetoric has now given the extreme right-wing (alt-right) a rite of passage for their poisonous spiel and hate. Which, subsequently, will enable them to legally eradicate anyone they see unworthy of existence, without exception.

We have seen the rise in mainstream media reporting on news that serves a certain purpose. Usually it has an agenda that seemingly paints a negative light on people of colour, whilst defaming them as well. They continually step on and supress local niche newspapers like ‘The Nubian Times/ TNT News’, by undermining their incoming streams. This, you might say, is business and it may well be. When do morals and integrity come in to it?

Why support mainstream publications if they systematically portray you in a negative light? And fund them. Moreover retweet and share their stories. Especially when local newspapers strive to best serve (with little-to-no resources) the local community? Inclusion is TNT driving force. News should be colourless people. Let’s make that change in 2017.

On a lighter note, TNT’s small team does remarkable work. They dedicate their time and go above and beyond the call of duty day in and day out. Management thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

For those who have supported TNT News/ TNT Media by reading our newspaper in print and online. For those who have shared, liked or followed, subscribed and listened to our radio show on All FM radio station. TNT salutes you! We sincerely thank you for your support, as you have begun making that change happen.

To those that do not yet know us, dip your big toe in as I can promise you the following. An alternative to mainstream news, diverse read copy, inspirational content, colourless news. A publication where your achievements can be acknowledged.

We won’t always get it right but we will always do our utmost in representing true and inspiring news. In doing this, we meet our goal to inform, uplift and inspire change.

Our parting words for 2016 from all the TNT team – Bad news sells, Good news Inspires!

So please have an inspirational Christmas and New Year, and let’s put a firm line under this annus horribilis.

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