Letter from the Editor in Chief -February 2017 – Happy Valentine

Happy February people!

So we’ve finally waved goodbye to the January blues and 2016 woes. It is a shame that ‘real love’ has disappeared from the White House. America will be hard pressed to ever see the likes of the Obamas again. Well maybe not in my lifetime. Unless Michelle Obama decides to run for office in the near future. We can hope, I look forward to seeing the work the Obamas will do, away from the White House.

I know there may be some President Donald Trump supporters out there. Now although I disagree with all of what he represents and says, I have to stay positive.

Over here, we have our own Brexit proceedings to look forward to. Again, there are those who are for and against it, rightly so, because the world is made up of an assortment of minds. Thus different opinions are what should make us rich not the bigotry born of our differences. #Diversity is to be embraced, no matter the weather, so to speak. The key is living for what binds us all not what separates us. We got this one world we share, let’s try to live in harmony with one another.

That said, farewell to the Obamas, they will surely be missed, checkout page 2 for the full story.

In regards to The Nubian Times multimedia publication, our newspaper has had a new edition this month. The Nubian Times has launched a Trafford edition.  Which has been supported by Old Trafford Community Panel and it begins its circulation this month. The Trafford edition has different elements to the original copy of The Nubian Times’ primary edition.  Which has now been in circulation for over 4 years.

On that note, welcome, to our new Trafford readers. To contact us: www.thenubiantimes.com/contactus

The Nubian Times has also launched its new advertising campaign -Your Source For Diverse News – on numerous billboards in and around Manchester.

TNT News is striving to be your eyes and ears, both locally and in the wider global communities. TNT Media continues to be the platform to showcase and aid small and medium businesses, by the revolutionary means of social media as the new wave of business progression.

Valentine’s day is celebrated this month so, essentially, love is in the air. Many ways to do something different for your loved ones, this month – theatre, roller-skating, bike-riding, parachuting, helicopter rides or limousine rides around greater Manchester. Whilst the sentiment is not limited to just one month of the year, use this February to show him or her what they mean to your life. Love, love, love.

For those after the simple yet meaningful, why not prepare your own meal (come dine with me) or a picnic in your local park, how about you pamper your loved one male or female with all the above and end the day with a massage, pedicure, manicure and/or a facial with your own hands.

On a final note – The Nubian Times wants your stories. We are here to help inform the community of what is in their best interests. Whether it be bad news or inspirational. Press Office telephone number is 0161 408 4116.

That’s all from me this month.

Bad news sells, good news inspires




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