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Letter from Editor in Chief – January 2018 – Real Talk

Wow, can you believe it, it’s 2018!

Let’s get the formalities out of the way. Hope your Christmas and new year have been filled with love and festive cheer. May your new year bring health, wealth and prosperity.

There were periods last year that reminded me of the 1960 – 70’s when racism was rife. When hatred for anything different festered before measures were taken to eradicate it.

I have big hopes for this year as people in general – regardless of colour or cultural background, religion or alternative beliefs – all seem to have had enough.

We all seem exhausted by suicide bombers, senseless killings in the name of extremist organisations and let’s not forget extreme violence against women, children and the LGBTQI community. It’s been tragic and draining and a nightmare for the family and friends on the receiving end of all that tragedy.

Look, people have been seeking escapism in the form of the internet. It seems a great gift of the millennium and in many ways, it is. But there is a dark side to the web.

Due to our busy schedules and our lack of time and, indeed, our social skills on the decline, the web has made it easier to get lost in its illusory world. What do I mean, I hear you guys say…?

Well, we post on social media how busy and fulfilled our lives are. When in fact it’s far from the truth. Most are lonely, desperately unhappy and longing for physically connections with their fellow humans. We often post fake pictures of how happy and fabulous our lives are, while most curl up at home with a microwave meal and a glass of wine, if lucky enough to afford them.

For those brave enough to delve deep into the world of internet dating, be warned, being ‘Catfished’ is a reality. Fake profiles from lying about their age, weight, height, gender, skin complexion or marital status – you name it, the list goes on. There can be men and women laying in wait to trap you and lure you in to their sinister world of abuse, slavery, stalking and in some rare cases murder.

Not wanting to scare anyone, however start the new year with a few guidelines that will help keep you safe:

  • Tell someone about what you’re up to, never meet anyone for at least the first 3 to 5 dates on your own
  • Always choose a public place for all meetings
  • Never let them know where you live for the first 3 months, by then you will know them just a little better
  • Take a picture of their face and send to friends and ask if anyone knows them, good news or bad, it all helps

Let’s start this year by being safe. Kind to others. Go out and meet real people, give the keyboards a rest. Be more sociable, start with the gym, libraries, country walks, yoga classes etc.


Chief Editor 


Photo Credit: PIRO4D


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