Letter from the Editor in Chief – June 2017 – Summertime

Hello all,

First question, have you enjoyed the summer weather? Secondly hope you’ve taken advantage of the numerous local fares, festivals like ‘Sparkle’ and of course ‘Manchester International Festival’.

Its know the start of the summer holidays for most. Parents have to now endure children eating them out of house and home for just under 2 months. Parents, good luck! If you need any advice and a safe haven to vent, hit me up on Twitter.

After the still so unbelievable Manchester attack and London Grenfell towers tragedy sadness is still looming in the air. Especially after it looks as though Theresa May will bow to the growing pressure from Labour’s Andy Burnham amongst many other to open a inquiry in regards to the contaminated blood scandal. The Prime Minister has conceded to the inquiry that claimed 2,400 through Hepatitis C and Aids to name a few of the illness and death causes for most of the victims.

Delve deep in to this months edition from news, to entertainment – (Love Island), inspirational, lifestyle, puzzles, business and sports.

Thank you to all voluntary interns Tom, Jack, Emily and Connor. If you are interested in a voluntary work experience in media, then contact ‘The Nubian Times’ at www.thenubiantimes.com/contactus

Next month we will only have a few weeks to wait for carnival fever to engulf Manchester, Leeds and of course London and I personally can’t wait, see you guys in Alexandra Park. If you see me come say hello. Don’t forget to catch TNT Breakfast Club each and every Wednesday morning on AllFm radio 96.9 fm.

Join Me – The Chief, Boss Lady and of course Ms Pelts for our own unique style of #realtalk radio! If you have a topic for us to discuss get in touch and we will give our own personal views -Like it or not!

Until next time, stay safe


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