Letter from the Editor in Chief – March 2017 – Touched by ‘Moonlight’

Welcome once again to my monthly chat!

It’s not often that one can say I’ve been touched by a movie. The topic of films has been done in so many different ways over and over again. Some, in fact, quite poorly.

And I suppose to some ‘Moonlight’ is no different, but to me it really was. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a coming of age movie, highlighting the struggles of a young boy into adulthood. “Oh lord” I can hear you say, “it’s been done before”. But this boy is a black man, growing up in a rough all black neighbourhood.

I won’t include spoilers, but I will say that it is poetic, beautiful, raw and captivating to say the least. It will make some of you question your attitude toward the LGBT community. It may remind others about tolerance and humility; qualities we have all been taught and very few of us use regularly, especially toward our fellow LGBT individuals. Just saying! It’s a must see, hit me up on social media @TheNubianTimes for your views.

Oh Gosh, Donald Trump! – I’m going to leave that timebomb well alone. I will say this though – they need to take his mobile phone and his computer off him as this man can start a fight with anyone on social media. Yes people, this President gets bated by tweets – often! He will take on anyone…No-one is safe!

Thank you to all the new Trafford readers, your support for the first issue has been outstanding. The Nubian Times is happy you have embraced our niche newspaper, a true alternative to mainstream news.

There are some great stories in both printed editions this month. There are both local and international news but some remarkable inspirational and entrepreneurial treats. Don’t forget to check out the jobs within our publication, specially selected for you in order to give some great choices.

Theatre particularly stood out over the past few weeks with great diversity in their line ups. ‘Blak Whyte Grey’ is a remarkable hip hop dance production, ‘Magic of Motown’ made an appearance and Stephen K Amos, a brilliant comedian you guys may know from the ‘The Wright Stuff’, was the tip of the iceberg. Check out much more entertainment, what’s on, current affairs and food reviews at www.thenubiantimes.com.

It’s Mother’s Day this month! Typical Mother’s Day gifts are usually flowers, chocolate, or maybe even breakfast in bed. Before you go for the generic gift, try and be creative, think out of the gift box. Some mothers would rather spend more time with their children whilst others simply want to sleep, according to HuffPost UK Parents survey. In any case, here’s wishing you a pleasant Mothers’ Day to all you mothers.

If you want to get in touch www.thenubiantimes.com/contactus

P.S don’t forget guys next month is The Nubian Times / Hands On Hair annual Easter Egg Hunt at Alexandra Park Moss Side. To register from April 1st  Email: hello@handsonhair.co.uk with children’s and parent’s name, address, telephone number, age of children. All other information will be given via the email address given. And yes, Trafford will also see its first Easter Egg Hunt from TNT this year, Venue to be confirmed, keep a look out through our Facebook and twitter account ‘The Nubian Times’

Until next month, ¡Adios amigos!

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