Letter from the Editor in Chief – May 2017 – Clash of the Titans

Hi guys,

Finally it seems like a little sun has finally come our way, so let’s get out within the hour before it disappears.

Let get straight to it. Way too much is going on right about now, my head’s in a spin just thinking about it.

The main man AJ – as he’s known by his closest friends (yes, myself included *flicking hair*) – Anthony Joshua to you guys, won and is the heavyweight champion of the world. It was a fight that, for many, will define a turning point in British boxing and the heavyweight division. Even former world champion Mike Tyson admitted that both Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko ‘made boxing big again’.

Filled with so much drama, either of the men could have emerged victorious. Well done to both but congratulations to “my friend” AJ.

Word on the street has it that there may be a re-match. Whilst some welcome the rumour, others think as do I ‘if you get KO once, do you really want to get KO again? Hit me up if you catch my drift. Wait, how much money would Wladimir get though? Maybe it’s okay to get KO a few times! Just keeping it real with you all; don’t judge me.

With the general election looming, you guys should most definitely get out and vote. You must be in it to win it. I really can’t help but ponder that it would truly be ‘egg on the Tory party’s face’ if after Theresa May’s U-turn ‘general election announcement’, the Labour Party wins. Remember what they thought about Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit and Donald Trump? I rest my case.

Check out page7 – Talking Point we have some great points of discussion this issue. For instance, the man who attempted to kill his wife with a hammer but walks free because he did it out of love for her. More sizzling topics on that page too.

Page 8 as always has some exceptional books in our recommended monthly reads. This month we have Alan Brennert’s Moloka’i, Karim Miské’s Arab Jazz and Paulo Coelho’s The Zahir.

If you have previously not had a chance to check our other listings and recommendations, then head to our website and click the ‘Lifestyle / Recommended reads’ tab.

Moving on, Serena Williams is pregnant and supposedly posted a picture of how far along she is on Instagram, thus telling the world about it, by accident! Really Serena? Sorry, not buying it. More on this story on Page 16.

Online this month ‘Drake’ has allegedly been caught up with a former porn star and a pregnancy scandal. If this is indeed true, then the Hotline Bling’s ‘baby momma’ will definitely be used to the paparazzi’s cameras; so, Drake need not worry about her adjusting to the attention, as she is a pro in front of the lens.

Inspiring news this month comes in the form of the Turner Prize shortlist announcement. The Turner Prize just opened up the age limit on entrants to the over 50s and in doing so, Lubaina Himid – over 60 years old – is definitely my favourite to win the UK’s most coveted arts award. Her art work is educational, inspiring, informative, colourful, historical and a truly refreshing change. – Page 3.

Last but not least, a special thank you must go out to all the sponsors that contributed to this year’s Easter egg hunt.

Until next month, Ciao!…Channelling the Italian in me. Oh you didn’t know I have Italian in me?











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