Letter from the Editor-in-Chief – November 2016 – Tikukwaziseiwo


You know the script, guess what language that is and what I have actually said. As always, the correct guess, provided you tweet me to let me know, will be given a ‘shout-out’ on Wednesday morning on our Drivetime show.

Yes it’s that time of the month again…it comes around quicker and quicker each month.

I’m excited this month about a number of things:

The production of Birth of a Nation has led to a lot of controversy, the juice of which we have featured in full online. Check it out on our site – www.thenubiantimes.com. Although the film is out in the US, the release date for ‘Birth of a Nation’ in the UK is 20 January 2017.

The trouble with Politics’s

Steven Woolfe has finally seen sense and left UKIP after being assaulted. Let’s see where his new journey takes him next. TNT News will keep you updated.

The first feature documentary about the remarkable writer, poet, actress, activist Maya Angelou has been released in the US. UK dates are still to be announced.  However, so far the documentary has garnered rave reviews in how its powerful and elegant portrayal of Angelou hits the right notes.

Haiti – Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti that are still suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew which caused major damage and tragedies last month. With the cholera outbreak now threatening to bring more tragic loss and mayhem, Haiti right now is in need of our help. Contact Oxfam for ways to donate aid.

Barack Obama is on his final leg of his journey. It’s not been an easy road for him; from policy reform, criminal justice review, Barack has been celebrated and criticised in equal measure. However overall, many believe he will leave a great legacy; one of a change and hope. Regardless of what impression Barack leaves, many are praying and hoping that the American people see sense on 8 November 2016 to not vote in haste for Trump.

Baby Bieber arrived in Manchester

Let’s talk for an extremely hot minute about baby Bieber…Shame on you!

Many parents saved up their hard-earned wages in order to fulfil early Christmas wishes. Young teens and young ladies sacrificed a lot to purchase, quite frankly, your overpriced ticket. Instead of you being humble and thanking them, you have a ‘hissy fit’ on stage. So you thought you could come to Manchester and behave in that way without any repercussions? Additionally, you, Bieber, were reportedly refused entry into nightclub Sanky and the entire Northern Quarter bars. Now if that’s indeed true, it serves you right as we don’t put up with that foolishness around here.

For all those who turned up to the Maxwell and Mar J Blige concert, this was real entertainment at its finest – humble, appreciative performers who both thanked and gave the audience their all. Manchester would love to see you guys again real soon. #TNTSalutesYou

Have you guys checked out our video – ‘Your Source For Diverse News ‘? See who you recognise in it.

Just a quick reminder that you guys need to be aware of – It’s Christmas in a few weeks, December the 25th to be exact! No seriously, it’s my favourite time of the year, so let’s plan some ‘giving back’ so contact your local hostels, churches, food shelters and homeless organisations.


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