Letter from Editor in Chief – November 2017 – Looking back at 2017

Welcome to November edition of my Editor’s letter.

As this year draws nearer to a close, there will be a few amongst us that will miss its passing. It’s a year that has brought misery and despair like no other I can remember.

We’ve seen hundreds killed in burning tower blocks, by government short cuts, storms, fires, hurricanes, pollution and excessive global warming – so called acts of god or where they?

We have a US president easily goaded through tweets on social media and spurting out racial, gender and Islamophobic diarrhea. Then we have Thresa May who changes her mind and her policies at the drop of a hat; can she and her cronies be trusted to bring the nation out of the EU with the best possible deal?

The divide between the rich and the poor is ever growing, just watching the agonising demise of the NHS right in front of our eyes is a disgrace. I really believe in hindsight that if many truly understood at the time, what Brexit would bring then Brexit would never have happened, Trump would never have been elected and the far-right could not have raised its ugly head.

For all who said and still say Obama did nothing, what has Trump achieved? And what legacy will he leave other than bigotry, hatred, war and controversy? Bush is no longer the most hated president, I bet he didn’t see that coming! Who would you rather have in office now? For all who voted the Tories in, do you still want the same governance of austerity and lies? It seems as if there is an austerity on the truth, with May’s crew. Mass austerity measures are only here to serve the rich at the expense of the poor and working class. I think not!

Yes, I cannot wait for this year to leave as it has bought more devastation, death and uncertainty than I care to remember.

Nevertheless, in this month’s edition we intend to inform, uplift and inspire you. Between the pages of print, our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ you will see a different style of news. A fresh new take compared to other mainstream publications. You will see a lot more local, global, entertainment, educational, lifestyle, LGBTQI and diverse articles. It will be a refreshing change.

But I need something from you guys, let’s not be passive armchair activists. Be positive keyboard warriors, for change you must have your views known. I’m not asking for you to agree with all of what ‘The Nubian Times / TNT News’ put out there. Just to have your say for or against what we’re putting out there.

If ‘The Nubian Times’ closed tomorrow could you say you did all you could to ensure every diverse source of news and every different voice was heard. Could you say you made your voice heard and your views count? Could you also state that you did all you could to ensure generations to come can hear an alternative voice in media?

This media publication was started by ordinary local women who wanted to help the community with an alternative style and take on news. We all want to leave a positive legacy which can only be achieved with your support. When we are gone, we are gone people; and then as my grandmother used to say, “You will have to suck salt through a wooden spoon”.

Until next month, stay safe and look after one another. Next month I’m all about Christmas so get yourself into gear, I’m taking no prisoners! From 1 December, The Nubian Times is celebrating all things Christmas throughout social media; there will be – trivia, video and great shopping tips and advice.

So stay tuned.

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