Letter from the Editor in Chief – Oct 2017 – Black History Month; has anything really changed?

“One day our descendants will think it incredible that we paid so much attention to things like the amount of melanin in our skin or the shape of our eyes or our gender instead of the unique identities of each of us as complex human beings.”

—Franklin Thomas, activist, philanthropist

Hello guys and welcome to The Nubian Times Black History Month edition. We have some informative, uplifting, educational and inspirational content for you this month. Enjoy!

I have written many a letter not really knowing if anyone feels as I do about the millions of social, economic and political issues I talk about month in and out.

This month, on our digital social media sites, we will be honouring the contributions made by the black community during this limited time of black history month.

For many of you out there, you may not care nor see the relevance of black history, let alone black history month. But to you I say, visit our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn sites. If you don’t learn something you didn’t know about the contributions made by black people, I will eat my hat.

We all know what I call the usual suspects – Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Marcus Garvey, Rosa Parks etc. This month The Nubian Times will aim to inform, uplift and inspire you by showcasing some new or relatively unheard-of honourees. I implore readers of all nationalities, cultures to comment and share their views; positive, negative or indifferent ones about black history and its recognition or lack-of in 2017.

If we look around us currently, the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, police brutality in US, there’s no justice nor peace for the families of those slain at the hands of the law enforcers. And this is all on cameras projected on our phones and TVs. Despite this, the murderers walk free, to enjoy their lives with no fear of imprisonment. The election of Trump, Brexit, the threats towards ‘kneeling protestors’; you wouldn’t be wrong to think you were in a time warp around 1950-1960. Remember what the civil rights marches were for! “Less we forget”.

The question we need to ask is: Has anything changed over the last 60 years? Yes, I know little has, like women being able to vote, same-sex marriage approval but for black people, what truly has changed. Are black people still not being murdered, persecuted, unjustly imprisoned, marginalised, victimised and downtrodden socially? I’m not saying all but compare the numbers to our white counterparts, can we say yes using this comparison. Although many things have improved, covertness reigned until Brexit; now we’re back to direct racism, as hate crimes spiral out of control. As many more crimes are fuelled by hatred due to, solely at times, the colour of one’s skin. When, if ever, will change come?

Let me leave you with some literary substance from one of the greats for black history month and try to teach your children something refreshing about black history month. As for you guys check out our social media platforms we have some great stuff.

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality. I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

Until next month – indulge in black history. After all, we weren’t just slaves as the educational system would have you believe: we were aristocrat, visionaries, leaders and game changers as well.


Photo Credit: Wochit News

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