Letter from the Editor in Chief – April 2016 -Drawing the short straw

Hello all,

Finally Spring is here, hurrah! But it hasn’t come a moment too soon. Personally, I was getting overly tired of the ‘four seasons per day’ we have been having lately – especially over the Easter weekend, thanks to storm ‘Katie’ that almost washed out the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

The Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success, as always, despite the weather. At one point, the hailstorm, lightning and thunder showed no mercy. There was a moment when we were all huddled under a marquee like frightened sheep. Nevertheless, well over two hundred adults and children turned up for the annual celebrations, the Egg Hunt as well as the races, drinks, food and cup cakes.

On another note, the media always seems to draw the shortest straw in peoples personal opinions these days. So nothing has really changed from past years then?! But in order for the public to read the news they want, they must ask their preferred media organisation questions and also provide information or guide them in the right direction, if you all are not getting the content you want to see.

This also means sourcing news from your local online publication, and sharing the stories you find interesting and relevant. Newspapers are a shop window to the news but remember www.thenubiantimes.com is your source for diverse news.

On a more serious note: There has been far too many freak weather incidents causing mass destruction and devastation – horricanes, storms and also senseless bombings and terror attacks, in places like Brussels and Paris are the most recent recipients of the horror. But the questions that need to be asked is, should it also include names like Dominica, Lahore, Istanbul, Syria, Bangkok and the Ivory Coast.

These places have also experienced their own fair share of horrific killings – with children and women yet again the main victims there – but the world population as well as mainstream media, seems to be very selective on their coverage and sympathy.

Now if this is truly the case, the question that needs to be asked is ‘Why?’ Is not the loss of lives felt equally, no matter where in the world the lost life is from? Are we all not human beings, first and foremost?

We have many organisations nowadays feeding the homeless but one that has stood out in the short few months is ‘FEED MANCHESTER’. This not-for-profit organisation is the brain child of Matthew Campbell and Leanne Cameron. People, we need take a leaf out of these guys’ book and help the needy.

‘The Nubian Times/TNT News’ would like to give a special thank you to ‘Chicken Run’ who offer free dinners to this organisation on a regular basis to enable them to feed the homeless. Chicken Run continually help community projects such as ‘Hands On Hair’ with their annual community Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, these guys truly know what community spirit really is.

Last but not least ‘The Nubian Times’ and ‘Hands On Hair’ would like to thank all the children, adults and local businesses that have supported the Easter Egg Hunt over the past 15 years.

See you next month…


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