Letter from the Editor in Chief – August 2015 – “Elders Vs Youth”

As carnival has finally returned home to Alexandra Park, there is a unique carnival flavour in the air now more than ever. TNT cannot wait to spread its carnival vibes and love on 8th – 9th August, show us your best carnival outfits and see if your photo makes it in to The Nubian Times publication.

The Mega Mela took place at the end of July and it was both loud and seemed to go on quite late into the evening. It was colourful, lively and had that festival feel which got me thinking; for years the carnival when it was in Moss Side has been an exceptionally inclusive affair as opposed to the Mela that, in my opinion, seemed to lack presence of that multicultural melting pot that Manchester is known for.

Why don’t many other cultures attend the Mela, as they have carnival for years in the heart of Moss Side? Is it just bad PR?

I attended a meeting of minds a few weeks ago that consisted of a group of what I will call elders and younger folk. The meeting started off well and amicable but then a suggestion was made by a young man who used his initiative to produce a document to help speed along a very long, drawn out affair and presented it to an elder. Trust me when I tell you all hell broke loose.

The elder did not appreciate the young man’s efforts – whose only intention was to help, mind you –and basically said words to the effect of ‘thanks but no thanks, you weren’t asked and what you have produced bears no resemblance to works already discussed’, and this harsh dressing down ended with the usual “respect your elders” lecture.

Again, I couldn’t help but wonder when does an adult start to revert back to being a child? Faces were pulled, mean words were thrown around, sucking of teeth and finally, the pièce de résistance, the stomping of the feet as an elder walked out!

Now come on…really! We went from working together to a battle of old vs. young…WHY?
Why did the elders react in this way? although the stomping and walking out was an individual act, I could only put it down to a lack of understanding and ego. Elders may always demand to be respected but then have the audacity to say we are all equal (you can just smell the double standards, can’t you?) when they think someone is taking over instead of seeing it for what it really is, LENDING A HELPING HAND!

In order to move forward, the elderly would do well to recognise that there are things to be learned from the younger generation. Maybe then they would realise that respect is a mutual thing and there are more similarities than we thought. In order to move forward, change must come! However misguided you may think they are, the youth are the future, so get with this particular program or be responsible for the demise of the human race as we know it.

I love the elders and what they have given us and continue to give us but it is time to share the gauntlet and remember that someday you will have to pass it on to those whippersnappers so make sure you educate and enable them to participate from now!

Talk soon and stay safe over the holiday season.

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