Letter from the Editor in Chief – February 2016 – Happy Valentine

Happy February everyone,

Can you believe it is Easter next month!

Anyhow straight back to business, I’m very excited as one of my all time favourite authors, Terry McMillian, who has written books such as – Waiting to Exhale, How Stella Got Her Groove Back and A Day Late and A Dollar Short – is visiting the UK. Terry will be in Luton on 4 March 2016.

There’s been a lot of hoo-ha about the lack of black nominees in this year’s Oscars and the lack of diversity in general. Jada Pinkett Smith has had her rant about it, most probably because her hubby, Will (a.k.a Fresh Prince of Bel Air) has not been nominated for a gong. Spike Lee strenuously denies ever using the word boycott, but still believes there is a lack of diversity, so regardless of the play on words, both film stars seem to speaking from the same script.

The first African-American president of the Motion Picture Academy, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, states that The Academy will conduct a review of its membership to bring about “much-needed diversity in our class of 2016 and beyond”. She also added that she was “heartbroken and frustrated by the lack of inclusion”…err duh…How can Cheryl say that with a straight face? As the president, not only the first black woman, how could she have allowed this to happen and then to add insult to injury, come out with that ‘It’s not my fault statement’? Cheryl, if you tried everything you could and they ignored or overruled you – stand up and out the culprits, period!

Moving on, the news these days tends to consist of freak weather, flooding and snowing. Long gone are our four seasons at the correct time of year, spring is colder than ever and resembles our winter months. Our summers, no comment.

Racism against refugees, Muslims, blacks, Polish migrants and anyone that looks different or is disabled, its as rife as ever – both locally and globally. It’s essentially about exerting power over another party, with lack of trust behind most assaults, murders and rapes. So the news can be very depressing in these times, so let’s change this in my letter this month.

Firmly putting Manchester on the map, is ‘Sovereign Entertainment’ who will be presenting ‘For The Love Of Grime’ – #4TLOGRIME in Manchester on 10 March 2016. checkout the entertainment section.
All proceeds from the night will go to restoring the ‘Kingdom mandate centre’ – the old Nia Centre – into a venue for the performing arts as well as a place of worship.

Finally read daily online about, Match-fixing scandal looming over world Tennis, six charged on child sex investigation, Krept and Konan to work with Croydon Council and Usain Bolt reveals secret two-year relationship.

Also this month online is the update on the 170 new homes to be built in Hulme, Tinie Tempah’s first UK show of 2016, a possible NWA performance at Coachella – with Eazy-E? All this and more daily local news awaits your reading on our website.

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Till next month.

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