Letter from the Editor in Chief – January 2016 – resolutions


The hustle and bustle of Christmas, and the frolicking towards the New Year, has finally come to a fruitful end. Many of us have eaten and drunk way too much and can’t wait for the universal detox regime to start.

January is usually the time to honour your New Year’s resolutions, which generally consist of: dieting, having a new fitness routine, quitting smoking, spending more ‘quality’ time with the family, going green.

So, TNT has our very own ‘Chloe Abs’ Workout with TNT to find out venue, price etc stay locked @TheNubianTimes

In this month’s edition, see the horrific abuse of power, again at the hands of the police. A 29-year-old – Daniel Holtzclaw – was found guilty by an all white jury, of raping more 13 black women, while on duty.

Read about Roosh V as he talks to Reggie Yates on ‘Making rape legal’ on Extreme UK. This is a man who thinks feminism has gone too far, and believes men have lost control of their prized possession – ‘Women’.

For those still wishing to dine out without spoiling their “new regimes”, Pho is a new-ish Vietnamese restaurant in the Corn Exchange. It has varied low-calorie options and almost everything is gluten-free. This means no puffy tummies and that awful bloated feeling. Check out our review of Pho inside this edition.

The Manchester entertainment industry will see remarkable change this year. Sit still in observance as our great city takes the helm in the industry. 0161, produces a record number of talented individuals that have not yet been discovered, and are still doing their thing to ensure their voice is heard and their craft seen. R.I.O who has worked his way up from the streets to regularly being featured on Unity Radio, Legacy FM and BBC One Xtra, is inside making a new video which showcases M16 and many other areas.

King Burga releases his new album and if his last was anything to go by, TNT will be giving that nuff air play. Taya Sophie is making moves after 50 Cent showcased her EP. Then we have Manchester prankster Guillotine Mack who released his “All I want for Christmas is my job” single last month, on the back of his meeting with Tina O’Brien a.k.a – Sarah Louise off Corrie.

Let’s talk business; we have local budding entrepreneur Akiem Mundel, who is on fire especially with young business men and women. Not only is he providing a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their craft and ability, he is creating networks that reach out to candidates’ desired career paths.

TNT business networking sessions are due to start up in the next few weeks, so follow @thenubiantimes on Facebook, Twitter and online at thenubiantimes.com for updates. You can also send in all requests to me or the TNT team, via our site’s ‘contact us’ page.

TNT News’ sympathy and well wishes go out to everyone affected by the recent floods. We also applaud the local authorities and rescue agencies that dedicated their time to help all those displaced from their homes, the stranded and the distressed through the festive season.

Tune in to TNT Breakfast Club on Wednesday the 6 January 2016 – 7am – 9am on All Fm Radio and each and every Wednesday morning after that.

Stay safe …

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