Letter from the Editor in Chief – June 2016 – Seeking Inspiration

Olá a todos,

Guess what language that is, and what I have actually said. Let me know on my twitter and I’ll give you a ‘shout-out’ on Wednesday morning on our Drivetime show.

This month has been particularly stimulating and has rejuvenated my love for all things media. TNT’s co-founders recently attended the ‘Women in Media’ conference in Lancaster University. Both the event and students in attendance were an inspiration for us. An email received from a young student was emblematic of this very point; it was touching note in which the following read:

“I found what they [TNT co-founders] had to say and what they do really really inspiring. The other guests at the conference that I had listened to up to that point were impressive, but I had started to doubt my interest in working in the media as the day went on, and couldn’t see myself working in those types of companies. When the ladies from The Nubian Times started to speak, they turned my day around and made me realise the type of news reporting that I wanted to be involved in and the type of place I’d love to work in. – Natasha”

The Nubian Times has launched a series of video news called #YourViews in which your (the public’s) views are the focal point. Go online www.thenubiantimes.com and leave your comments – after all The Nubian Times is ‘Your Source for Diverse News’.

Caribbean Carnival Of Manchester (CCOM) update: The Nubian Times has been inudated with queries and concerns in regards to CCOM. The community event will now be reportedly charging adults £1.00 and children £0.50 for entry to Manchester’s historic carnival at Alexandra Park. Whilst carnival has been running for 45 years in Manchester, 43 of these memorable years were based in Alexandra Park – it’s spiritual home.

Well, members of the community took to social media to vent their frustrations on the reported proposed entrance fee. Some also cited it’s well out of their means in addition to the rising cost of living, not to mention the ‘over-priced’ food and drinks for children and families in the park at the carnival

There are very important issues raised this month in both print and online from – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, police body cameras, the teenager suing the police, LGBT Mayor, historical sex abuse, Joetta Sumba’s tribute bar [Jojo’s] opening, the e-cigarette near-death blaze, Manchester #CityGames2016 and a moving family tribute to Abdul Hafidah – the young man recently murdered in Moss Side and Also the touching tribute to Olivia Edohasim a 9-year old little girl.

On a parting note, you guys can catch me and the ladies on All Fm radio show each and every Wednesday morning 7am – 9am. Don’t forget to tweet your comments @TNTBreaskfstClub and follow us to keep up to date with interesting news and views on the show.

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