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Letter from the Editor in Chief – March 2016 – The weight of media


Sometimes the responsibilities of being Editor in Chief can be immense. Deciding what goes into The Nubian Times, both print and online publications, whilst toeing the line of what will generate income in order to appease advertisers, can be tricky. Add to this, writing and printing what is not just news, but what is honourable, just and accurate.

As the two often clash, the bottom line is that what is paramount is truth, justice, people’s basic rights and fairness. This is and always will be at the top of the list in order to rest well at night.

Support, however, is not always forthcoming from the audience you are willing to both serve and highlight. Criticism will always raise its ugly head and on the part of being a media organisation, it has to be both listen to and not dismissed. What is also key is learning and implementing the constructive criticism – in other words, the valid points.

Nevertheless, not having enough support and public interaction will stop local smaller media organisations flourishing. Without support and or volunteering with vital skills in social media, distribution, search engine optimisation, economic – the list goes on – for a few weeks or months a year, you will be faced with only one outcome.

News delivered by a politically-aligned regime that panders only to the mainstream cloak and dagger news (in laymen’s terms) – people of colour, especially black people, will be continually frowned upon in society. Stop and Search for us will be mandatory, police brutality will be the norm, diversity will be a thing of the past and modern day slavery will exist.

No matter what’s propagated by mainstream media, it is black people who continually have to prove they are human beings and contribute to the world – as inventors, doctors, teachers, nurses, football players, poets, entertainers, politicians, community activists, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunties and uncles. We will continually be placed at the bottom of this proverbial scrap heap.

Media in the UK is dominated by men, predominately white men, the industry has little-to-no opportunities for females; nothing compare to the number of males within the role. Therefore ‘The Nubian Times/TNT News’ are trailblazers and, as our name depicts – just like the Nubians themselves – we are the pioneers in our field. Essentially we are setting the trend in Manchester; to deliver regular print and online news for Manchester’s diverse community.

We currently have a new wave of interns in journalism, who are getting knee-deep in local community news and human interest stories. So keep a look out for them in the community and please make them feel welcomed, as they will be your voice with expert eyes – i.e. – mine to oversee, offer guidance and support. We are an organisation that offers traineeships in all fields in media and beyond. Our ethos is to inform, uplift and inspire and with the community’s help, we intend to offer an alternative style and delivery of news that does not conform to or is restrictive like our larger media counterparts.

On a social media tip, TNT Breakfast club has its own Facebook page, as well as The Nubian Times and TNT News, so come on, add us to your daily bites and tune into our radio show each and every Wednesday morning 7-9am.

On a much lighter note, it fills my heart with joy that our community’s annual Easter Egg Hunt is in its 15th year and will take place on Easter Sunday, which is 27 March 2016, at Demesne Road, Whalley Range entrance.

See you guys there! Don’t forget to register and have sensible footwear for the races.

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