Letter from the Editor in Chief – May 2016 – Change will come

This months printed edition is packed with news, lifestyle, entertainment, business, opportunities and sports – a little more than usual. From dinning out at NQ’s new joint Yard & Coop (page 8), to checking out the launch of Idris Elba’s new TV series and then NWA reunion? The King Lear performance, then the inflatable museums and the big issue with black teachers, are all in this edition.

It’s your choice to delve deep into the edition or surf www.thenubiantimes.com online to get an even bigger bite of news.

Well, it’s that time of the month again, where I speak out loud about thoughts and of course the issues you the reader may raise with me, throughout the month.

Everyone wants to hear about what’s going on in their community; be it news, events or achievements, education or business and quite rightly so.

Numerous individuals in our communities are great sources of news, exceptional role models, entrepreneurs, over-achievers and pioneers in technology, science, education, sport and not forgetting entertainment. Just to name a small selection of what Manchester in its entirety has to offer.

So is it not right that we inform, educate and cover your stories, not just the bad or sad news but also the inspirational news as well. All of which happen in and around the local areas that form this melting pot which is this great city?

Yet when the local media comes into contact with such individuals, pioneers, mentors, why are they, at times, reluctant to share their story with the very community they live in and support? Should we allow their story to die with them with no lessons or experiences learnt? How can we inform you, if we are not to be assigned to or be ambassadors of the local news…do you really believe the ‘giants’ report it better?

The question you need to ask yourself is that is mainstream you best option when it clearly lacks a true reflection of multiculturalism within it ranks? The front page story sheds light on this creeping insidious issue.

I can’t help but wonder that if alternative publications such as ‘The Nubian Times’ did not take the time to recognise your achievements within our community, no matter how large or small, could we really rely on other media outlets that are outside the community to report on it as it should be?

On another topic which seems to be striking a chord with our readers – the EU. Should we stay or should we go? The government and so many so called independent bodies tell us we need to stay, as we would suffer great loss in many different aspects such as business, the economy, jobs and such. But ask yourself this, if we all did as we were told, the words entrepreneur, pioneer, inventor, sole trader etc would not exist, should we not take risks? Should we really fear the unknown?

I too, like many of you out there, have my own thoughts and views but like you guys, am I prepared to get it wrong?..Not so much…


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