Letter from the Editor-in-Chief – October 2016 – Black history month

Hello buruku, awọn oniwe – wipe akoko ti odun lẹẹkansi, Black itan osù.

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Now onto the month ahead, Black History Month. I wanted to try something a little different. Instead of focusing the print edition on the usual suspects.  The likes of Malcom X, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tutman, Nelson Mandela. I thought we would switch it up a little bit.

It’s not because any of the aforementioned people were or are not fundamental in the empowerment of a diverse community. They are also reponsible for a movement and the well-being of black people worldwide. It is because they were not alone, they also walked on the shoulders of some outstanding unsung heroes.

Inside this edition we have inspirational, business, sports, local news, current affairs, theatre, LGBT, Black Lives Matter.  All of which are celebrating black achievements in many different ways. Most importantly we aim, as always, to inform uplift and inspire our readers.

The Nubian Times Speed Networking Forum took place on Thursday 29th September at the Kingdom Mandate Centre Hulme. The historical venue was the perfect back drop for business networking. Local, corporate and private sector organisations came out to the ‘Media and Marketing’ forum. To gain an insight into ‘the online revolution’.  Which is social media, and the effects the correct marketing can have on your business.

The Nubian Times ensured that all attendees understood the value of marketing and social media.  Whilst offering the helping hand that many businesses desperately need.

The Lifestyle section has an array of black authors featured this month.  Anthony Joshua has something to say about ‘Black Live Matter’. There’s a piece on the African Caribbean Care Group – Part one. Keep an eye out for part two which features mental health and the elderly.

Mental health, it is an issue that will never go away and shouldn’t be ignored. There is still the age old debate on medication, or meditation fact or fiction. Believe that this government needs to do more. By  implementing care of an alternative nature and holistic therapies.  Treatments that are not as detrimental to the health and well-being of sufferers. They need to also ensure employers welcome sufferers with open, empathetic arms.  Not shun them or close their doors.  One day it may well be them that will be suffering public judgement and ridicule.

We all need to be more understanding and thank god we have been spared, if only for the time being. I believe we are all just one episode away from a crisis. To all sufferers of mental health – TNT Salutes You!

To all our readers in Black History Month stay tuned at www.thenubiantimes.com. TNT will be celebrating daily with specially selected pieces that will interest you all, whatever your pallet.

Until next month keep it locked into ‘The Nubian Times/ TNT News.

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