Letter from the Editor in Chief – September 2015 – What’s poppin

Hello all,

What’s popping? As the young folk would say… meaning what’s happening/ going on.

As Black History Month is fast approaching, what are your plans for this momentous month? Definitely be at the Pan African 70th Anniversary three day conference on 16-18 October to celebrate Pan Africanism, #blacklivesmatter and see how far we have come over the last few decades. Guests will include Dr Umar Johnson, Lee Jasper and Akala.

For all those who attended the carnival it was the best one in years and with an estimated 60,000 revellers on the Saturday alone this made it a most memorable occasion marred only by the extortionate food and stall prices, as rightfully complained about by you guys. Read online for TNT’s review of the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester and go to pages 10-11 for lots of pictures.

There seems to be a surge in domestic violence in the celebrity world, especially towards women. Cases in mind recently; Oscar Pistouious, Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter and Nelson Mandela’s grandson and there are many more.

The question that needs to be asked is, do these celebrities and their off spring think they are above the law? If so, do we not need to send an even stronger message to these minorities that you will get locked up and we will throw away that key as you are public figures and indeed can be seen as role models, do we not need to set an example? Again for full stories visit us online- thenubiantimes.com.

I was approached on Sunday by an individual who asked why The Nubian Times doesn’t have a faith based column in print. My simple answer to this particular woman and many more of you who contact us is that there are far too many faiths groups that we would be unable to cater for everyone, this is the sad and basic truth. We are a spiritual nation and culture has been defined over the centuries by whom or what we choose to worship, that is why online in the lifestyle section we have a section titled ‘spirituality’ and we invite all religions and faith- based organisations to submit works to be published online. Take full advantage, go online to contact us, fill in submission form andTNT will respond accordingly.

Whilst attending the Marcus Garvey Day celebrations, TNT was stopped and thanked and praised for our outstanding works and our contribution to the community. The credit was given by two men in their 50’s one of whom lives out of town but frequently comes back to Manchester for his hard copy of The Nubian Times, he said. This made all of us proud as we, like anyone, love encouragement to know we are helping to put Manchester on the map but also we are leaving a legacy for this great city for many decades to come…

Be careful out there, go forth and prosper!  until next month.


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