Letter from the Editor – Inaccurate racial profiling

Season’s greetings! This month, The Nubian Times covers the issues Akiem Mundel and many black people face on the Manchester club scene. Racial discrimination disguised as club policy, stereotyping, inaccurate racial profiling by staff, police, doormen and owners of these and other establishments alike.

It makes it very difficult to expect people to not feel marginalised by the powers that be. Consequently, a few organisations are currently making documentaries on this topic; highlighting and filming the current rancid, at times blatant, victimisation and active racism that occurs whilst on a night out with business colleagues or friends. Read more: Too black for Manchester nightclub Suede

On a lighter note, Vloggers! More importantly, who are they and what do they do? A Vlog is a video blog or video log, for which the medium is video – essentially it is blogging via web television; check her out here, learn about Jennie Jenkins’ tutorials on fashion, hair and makeup. With over 507k subscribers on YouTube, Jenkins is one of many Vloggers packing a serious innovative force in the media and PR game.

Let’s talk about sex! This month, Growing Pains on Page 7 talks about underage sex. To discover what the next generation knows and thinks, let your fingers do the walking and go to lifestyle/youth education.

It’s coming to the close of the year, which brings us to the end of the series of on Alain Fagnidi – the ultimate self-proclaimed ‘Lifestyle Influencer’. TNT ladies, our female and male readership have all enjoyed viewing his men’s fashion line, and have meticulously examined all those beautiful male models to ensure seam lines, stitching, collars, etcetera were all done to the highest standard. Ahem, not to mention the models were easy on the eye, so we would like to say a special thank you to Mr Fagnidi.

Keep an eye on Facebook and online for TNT’s various video snippets – Insights – which will feature business, community, culture, entertainment and education.

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Over this festive season, monitor your alcohol intake wherever possible, and if ever in any doubt about your alcohol consumption, don’t drink and drive.

Remember also that Christmas is not just about receiving gifts, it’s the season of good will. Giving is the breath of the season. Invite someone you know is on their own to your home, visit the elderly and most vulnerable. You don’t need to be with an organisation; be your own Good Samaritan.

I personally have many wishes, dreams and aspirations, but the one thing that I hope prevails this Christmas is unity. No man, woman or child considers themselves to be an Island; in unity there is love, hope, peace and understanding. Let not race or religious beliefs divide us and conquer us, as we greatly need to unify throughout 2016 and onwards.

Let’s unite this New Year. Make that change; inclusion not exclusion is The Nubian Times/ TNT News’ driving force. Let us all share the same ethos, and exercise tolerance and educate or mentor someone who needs help.

Above all, God bless, eat, drink and be very messy. Happy Christmas and a very prosperous new year!

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