Lewis Hamilton going all out

With 331 points to Sebastian Vettel’s 265 and only 75 left on the table, Lewis Hamilton effectively needs to score just nine more to ensure that he is world champion for the fourth time. This is even if Vettel wins in the remaining 3 races left in season.

That means that a fifth-place finish, which would earn him 10 points regardless of what anyone else does, would be sufficient.

But the Mercedes driver says he will be going all-out to score his 10th triumph of the year. He is hoping for another fight with the Ferrari team leader, whom he overtook on the sixth lap of the US GP in Austin on the way to his 62nd career win.

“It’s for others to decide whether I have the upper hand on Sebastian as a driver,” Hamilton said.

“I know what I think, because I followed him before overtaking. I really wish we could have had more battles this year. That’s something that F1 needs to improve on”.

TNT Sport

Photo Credit: Morio

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