LGBT rights: The Trump effect

Due to the recent election of Donald Trump as President, US LGBT equality could start to go backwards.

Throughout Trump’s campaign he was never clear on his stance on LGBT rights. At times he seemed to be a supporter, claiming that he was a friend of the gay community.

However, at other times his behaviour suggested the complete opposite. One of these moments was in an interview with Fox News back in January, when questioned on same-sex marriage. Trump stated that he would “strongly consider” having the law that makes it legal it any state reversed.

If Trump was pro-LGBT rights, this would completely contradict the Republican stance. Earlier this year they released a platform which criticised same sex parenting. It made comment that children with one male and one female parent will lead healthier, more positive lives.

The platform also supported conversion therapy – a number of practices that claim to change someone’s sexual orientation. This belief that being gay is something that can be and needs to be “cured” is deeply concerning.

Republicans also failed to support the LGBT community after the tragic Orlando massacre.

The views of the USA’s new Vice President Mike Pence are also very concerning.

Obama introduced a law banning sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. Alongside this, guidance was given to schools concerning equal rights for transgender children.

Pence confirmed that they plan to reverse this. He said, “The transgender bathroom issue can be resolved with common sense at the local level”. He also supported cutting HIV funding, and instead using the money for conversion therapy – which he openly backs.

It isn’t just LGBT individuals who could lose rights under Trump. It’s no secret that the 70-year-old has worrying opinions on Black, Hispanic and other ethnic minority groups too.

Trump and his team blatantly oppose diversity and may well undo the progression in equality that the US has achieved.


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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