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How My Light is Spent set to premiere

Alan Harris’ prize-winning play How My Light is Spent is set to premiere at the Royal Exchange Theatre.

How My Light is Spent is the latest prize-winning play set to premiere at the Royal Exchange. The play has won the Bruntwood prize for playwriting, being one of the original productions the company has discovered.

Set in Newport, How My Light is Spent, is a funny uplifting and poignant. The play explores identity, family and the joy of finding someone who might just ‘see’ you.

On Wednesday evenings, Jimmy calls Kitty without fail. The call lasts for precisely nine minutes and Jimmy incurs charges at a rate of £1.20 a minute.

Jimmy is 34-years-old and lives with his mother. He works at Newport’s only drive-through doughnut restaurant. Kitty is an adult chat line operator who lives in the granny flat of a topiary enthusiast.

Things were looking up for Jimmy when he met Kitty for the first time. Unfortunately he ends up losing his job and begins to feel a strange tingling in his fingers.

Kitty is not a psychologist just yet but she has theories about why Jimmy has begun to disappear. The duo succeeded in turning each other’s world upside down.

The weird but wonderful duo is played by Welsh actors Rhodri Meilir and Alexandria Riley. Meilir is best known for his role in BBC sitcom, My Family. Riley takes on the role of Kitty after recently graduating from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

The humorous production is directed by Liz Stephenson. Stephenson recently directed the production ‘Blue Stockings’ for ALRA North. She also directed the critically acclaimed production, ‘Barbarians’ – which was nominated for a 2016 Olivier Award.

How My Light is Spent will run from 24 April – 13 May 2017.

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Photo Credit: Royal Exchange Theatre


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