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Lil Wayne hospitalised following third seizure

Lil Wayne, the American rapper, has been hospitalised after suffering his third seizure in six months, according to reports.

Last month, while travelling across the US, his plane had to make two emergency landings after he suffered two severe seizures onboard the aircraft.

As a result of these recurring seizures, the 33-year-old rapper had to cancel his appearance at TAO Nightclub in Vegas only minutes before he was set to perform. The singer then spent the night in the intensive care unit.

The artist, who suffers an ongoing battle with epilepsy, is apparently having issues with his medication and physicians are working to correct the dosage to find a balance in order to treat his condition.

Wayne’s medical condition is classified as severe. Despite this, he has been released from hospital and is currently recovering at his home in Miami.

TNT Entertainment

Photo Credit: RJ Shaughnessy

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