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Limelight community hub appoints diverse resident-led committee

Manchester’s Limelight Community Hub has appointed a new resident-led committee to shape and drive its local services.

Limelight, the new community health and wellbeing centre based in Old Trafford, has announced details of its new committee.

The £20m hub is responding to its diverse neighbourhood needs, with the appointment of a cross-generational and multi-faith steering group.

Limelight is set to be one of the UK’s most progressive and accessible community spaces, when opened later this year.

It is currently being developed by Trafford Housing Trust on Shrewsbury Street, on the Old Trafford-Hulme border.

The hub will offer an integrated approach to health, education, employment and leisure services.

Limelight facilities will include a new GP surgery and a pharmacy together with a library, café, restaurant and hairdressers.

There will also be a range of flexible leisure spaces, meeting rooms and a number of retail and business units.

The eleven-strong committee, drawn from across Old Trafford, will help steer and shape Limelight’s neighbourhood services and local facilities.

With a diverse mix of skills and experience, the committee hope to ensure Limelight is “more than just a building”.

The committee will be led by Niki Stockton, who has lived in Old Trafford for more than 20 years.

Niki has extensive experience in managing housing schemes, delivering local services and regenerating neighbourhoods at a senior level.

She said: “All of the Management Committee are passionate about Old Trafford.

“We are all very proud of the many diverse communities which live and work here”.

Niki says Limelight is set to embody this spirit of inclusiveness and collaboration.

Along with her fellow committee members, she is looking forward to making it an inspirational and multicultural space.

Others involved include Abdul Huy Malek – head teacher at the local Afifah Islamic secondary school, and solicitor Charlene Burgundy.

Hannah Paterson, Sukhbir Singh, Sabera Hafejee, Mohammed Adil Javed, Dora Blake are also part of the new committee.

In addition, Sharon Dempsey, Doretta Maynard and Jean-Erica Barrett are also involved.

David Teasdale, Limelight manager, says he is looking forward to working with Niki and the other members of the team.

He said: “The resident-led committee will ensure we stay true to the community-focussed mission and local values”.

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Photo Credit: Trafford Housing Trust

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