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Where the Line Bleeds is unforgettable.

Set in a rural town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Where the Line Bleeds tells the story of fraternal twins Joshua and Christophe. The pair are graduating high school as the novel begins.

Both boys anticipate and dread their lives as adults. Joshua finds a job working as a dock labourer on the Gulf of Mexico, but Christophe has less luck. Unable to find a job, and desperate to alleviate his family’s poverty, he starts to sell drugs.

Joshua does not approve, but his clumsy concern fractures the twins’ relationship. When their long-missing addict father reappears, he provokes a shocking confrontation between himself and the brothers. It is one confrontation that will ultimately damn or save them.

Where the Line Bleeds is unforgettable for the intense clarity of how the main relationships are rendered. It also illuminates the love but growing tension between the twins. You see their devotion to the slowly failing grandmother who raised them, and the sense of obligation they feel toward her.

Most of all, the alternating pain, bewilderment, anger, and yearning they feel for the parents who abandoned them. Their mother left for a new life in the big city of Atlanta, and their father for drugs, prison, and even harsher debasements.

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