Lingerie brand celebrates diversity with all-inclusive campaign

A British lingerie brand has launched a new campaign that encourages women to speak about how great their bodies are.

Features six advocates who each share their stories about finding body acceptance, the #MyBodyVictory campaign by Curvy Kate celebrates women in all their forms.

A photoshoot features plus-size model and actress Hayley Hasselhoff, mother-of-two Chanel Ambrose and blogger and wheelchair user Clara Holmes.

Mental health advocate and brain surgery survivor Grace Latter, plus-size fashion blogger Lauren Tallulah, and Be Real Ambassador and creator of She Aspires UK Jenny Okolo also appear.

Each of the women have shared their personal body victories in a series of short videos.

Hasselhoff says in hers: “I feel like I’ve got a couple different body victories. I feel like it’s really always changing for me. Which is just an example of knowing that you’re always growing into your body and you’re always going to find a new thing to have to overcome and love.”

The daughter of American actor David Hasselhoff also revealed that she used to dislike her bust because she was “big chested” at a young age.

She said she was previously insecure about a scar on her leg that was caused by an accident.

Model and wheelchair user Clara Holmes said: “I wanted to be party of #MyBodyVictory because I think it’s important for women to celebrate their bodies and feel comfortable in the skin their in. I went from being a self-conscious walker, I say that because I’m now a wheelchair user, to being quite down about my condition.

“I thought enough is enough. I’ve spent too many years being miserable and not happy with who I am that I decided that, you know what, life is too short not to be happy with who you are.”

The campaign has already inspired hundreds of women to use the hashtag by posting it alongside their very own lingerie selfies on Instagram and Twitter.

“My body is great because it has done some incredible things for me, it’s got me through the best times, some tough times, it’s allowed me to run, to grow a child, to become uniquely me. Every curve, every wobble, every mark, it’s all me! And I wouldn’t change it for the world,” one wrote.

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Photo Credit: curvykate

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